Select the Hub

The Hub is the heart of any Automation solution.
You always need one to build your smart home or office around it.
The Hub along with other ZigBee devices form a private network.

So choose between the elegant, multi-functional MixPad or go for the Mini Hub.

Light up your life !!

Choose the award winning designer switches to light up your home, literally too.

If you like your existing switches or prefer any other designs of switches,
just add the In-wall switch module to convert the 'non-smart' switches to Smart!

Security Sensors & Devices

Fall in love with the T1 Door Lock.

WiFi Cameras with inbuilt motion sensor to keep eye on unwanted intruder's
or watch and ensure the safety of your aged parents, teen kids and pets.

Explore the Motion Sensors, Door & Window sensors, The Temperature and Humidity sensors, Smoke Sensors and many more.

The Controllers

The ZigBee controllers help you make most of your appliances Smart,
and in turn to able to monitor and control from the Smart Phone app.

The controllers also help you schedule operations of the appliances, trigger them on some event and create scenes.

Installation & Set Up

Depending upon what you choose, much part of the automation can be self installed.

For other devices and controllers, please do get professional help from licensed trades persons like electricians.

The controllers and devices come with the technical information sheet to help installation.
We will always provide you support if you have any queries during installation and set up.

The HomeMate App is intuitive and you'll glide through the setup.

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The possibilities are endless.
Get started with project for the modern and luxurious automation for your Home, Office, Hotel or Retirement Home.

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